24 February 2010

Crazy Set of Names

So, I randomly discovered a random set of siblings with some unusual names. I wonder if there is more of them or just these four!

Sundown Donny
Thunder Shadrach
Twilight Dawn
Twister Shaudy

Yes, those are their real names! I had a friend in high school whose real name was Dizzy, but I think these folks have him beat.

04 February 2010


I love pen pals, but random gifts in the mail might be even better! If you want to get in on this and exchange random gifts, you can sign up any time before the 13th. Do it!!!!!!!!!


01 February 2010

Cyrus and the Spoils of War

Cyrus was just out torturing his sister. I yell for him to get back in here with me and quit tormenting his sister. He ran in the room with a HUGE smile, holding his sister's diaper out for me. *facepalm*

Looks like the boy snatched the drawers right off her and took off running.