17 December 2009


I'm so excited :) I got Rejeanne to mostly sing the ABC song on video. It's an awful video because she was sitting on my lap and I realized she was singing the song all the way through again, so I grabbed the camera and tried for a reprise!

16 December 2009

Baby Names - 2019?

So some famous babynamers have made some predictions on what names they think will be uberpopular in 2019. I'm a little horrified that some very, very strong contenders for future children of mine are on their radar!


What names you ask?

Girls: Delilah, Ruby, Violet
Boys: Cash, River, Kai (which I technically can't use because my bff already used it)

Names I was happy to not see on there:
Gideon & Lazarus - Evangeline & Magdalena

12 December 2009

Rejie Sings!

So, Rejeanne can sing a plethora of songs from Spongebob, either in full or in part, but lately we've been singing the ABC Song to her just randomly around the house. Usually when you finish singing she says "siiiing!" and that's it. Today, she sang the whole dang song start to finish. She has an amazing memory and I'm so happy she's able to show a little piece of what she has stashed up there!!


I'm seriously considering using the word "cookies" as a substitute for more colorful vernacular. Not only have cookies played a part in my fatness, but my 3 year old has decided there are "cookies" and "bad cookies". I suppose I should be proud of the fact that she has figured out that cookies go in one end and come out transformed as "bad cookies" on the the other end, but this is not especially comforting at 1am.

In my house, if you hear "cookies!!!!" when you open a door to check on what should be a sleeping child around midnight, something really awful is happening.

Tonight, Rejeanne spent time doing business on the floor in her room, then decided the walls were in need of decoration. My artist used the "naughty baked goods" to create two walls of wonder, which my husband did not have the foresight to photograph for you all.

Of course, since she also decided to practice her capital letters (Rs, Ns & As) in feces on her bedroom walls, I also get to tell the preschool about this wonderous event. Sometimes, I would just like to tell them "You really don't want to know what goes on at home. Can we just skip this whole 'communication folder' thing??"

So, should I just be excited that she is making clear capital letters or does the fact they were written in crap completely overshadow the educational advance? I mean, spelling is great and all, but if it's done in poop I'm not sure that it should really count.


06 December 2009

Tick Tock

I'm stressing hardcore about this semester. This semester is at a do or die point, and I think I'm closer to die than to do. So, what do I do? Blog, apparently. I should be deciding if I'm doing my paper and presentation on Queztalcoatl or Pancho Villa. Did I mention it's due tomorrow at noon? Or that my group dropped the class so I am the group presentation now? How about that my Spanish sucks and I know Alan is going to purposely ask me hard questions because he's a show off? Maybe he'll be absent? Maybe I'll be absent. Maybe I'll just work hard for the classes I still have a chance at a decent grade in and let the Spanish class go.

Who knows. The future is uncertain. I hate that class. I hate presentations. Most of all, I hate group projects that turn into solo projects at the last minute.

What I like is the fact that my former sis-in-law regifted me spa cards from our former-mother-in-law that I'm going to use in California to forget how awful this entire semester has been. For the record, never have to deal with the stress of trying to potty train a possibly most likely autistic child, school and doctors for said child, moving, cabinet installation and 7 illnesses back to back and think you're going to do well at anything. EVER!

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now so I can get up at 5am and write something about a bird-serpenty god or a revolutionary. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

Trimdown Update

My trimdown efforts seem to be more along the lines of moderation this year. I can't say that I've eliminated the fat girl food entirely, but I'm eating significantly less of it. I'm not working out that much, but I'm doing it consistently. I have been doing good on the spiritual aspect and feeling more centered and able to get through the hard parts of the day. Overall, trimdown is going well and I have lost 2 pounds. Nothing major, but at least the scale is moving in the proper direction!

03 December 2009

Something I Should Have Never Seen

I really enjoy random household gadgetry. Luckily, I'm poor so all I can do is salivate over these things and think "what a great idea this is!". I'm actually afraid to look through this gadget website. On the upside, I will always have an answer for "What would you like for your birthday?" from now on!