12 December 2009


I'm seriously considering using the word "cookies" as a substitute for more colorful vernacular. Not only have cookies played a part in my fatness, but my 3 year old has decided there are "cookies" and "bad cookies". I suppose I should be proud of the fact that she has figured out that cookies go in one end and come out transformed as "bad cookies" on the the other end, but this is not especially comforting at 1am.

In my house, if you hear "cookies!!!!" when you open a door to check on what should be a sleeping child around midnight, something really awful is happening.

Tonight, Rejeanne spent time doing business on the floor in her room, then decided the walls were in need of decoration. My artist used the "naughty baked goods" to create two walls of wonder, which my husband did not have the foresight to photograph for you all.

Of course, since she also decided to practice her capital letters (Rs, Ns & As) in feces on her bedroom walls, I also get to tell the preschool about this wonderous event. Sometimes, I would just like to tell them "You really don't want to know what goes on at home. Can we just skip this whole 'communication folder' thing??"

So, should I just be excited that she is making clear capital letters or does the fact they were written in crap completely overshadow the educational advance? I mean, spelling is great and all, but if it's done in poop I'm not sure that it should really count.


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