23 August 2012

Rejie vs Coyote

Here's Rejeanne

Today is Rejeanne's first full day of school this year. She did NOT want to go today. She pitched a huge fit this morning, but gave up on it once she was in the car. We get to school and, as I'm parking, I see a guy in a coyote mascot suit approaching small children as they head to school.

Here's the Coyote
All I can think is "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's never going to want to come here again and the fit is going to be HORRIBLE!!!!" So, I decide maybe I should try to warn her, so I ask "Rejeanne, do you want to see the coyote? Look over there, do you want to go see the dog?" Then the most amazing thing happened: she said "want to see dog".

We go over to the school, and the coyote approaches, and I tell him not to, so he just stayed put and knelt down. Not only did Rejeanne smile and approach him, she offered him her Gary.
Here's Gary
Rejeanne was smiling and gesturing, almost like she was excited there was someone to interact with who didn't talk to her and didn't expect her to talk back. The coyote snuggled Gary and offered the snail back to her. She took it, then coyote opened his arms for a hug, and she demurred, so then he put his hand up for a high-five. She was all about that and gave him a high-five. Then we walked into school.

I was fighting back the happy tears. This was so amazing!

11 August 2012

The Cy Brain in Action

Cy: "Let me get my flashlight!" *opens fridge, removes flashlight*

Lee: "Cyrus, why was your flashlight in the refrigerator?"

Cy: "Because I wanted it cold!" *runs off*