29 April 2008

Everyone, please send your good thoughts that I will be able to get my husband to abandon these at least for the summer. He wears them EVERY DAY. While they are better than The Shirt that got left in California, Lee forms attachments to rather unsavory items of clothing!

28 April 2008

A very unfortunate day for the camera battery to need charging!

Rejeanne ate strawberries today...with her TOES...while sitting in the high chair!!! Rejeanne is very determined (and apparently very flexible!)

She also got creative with our small-table-that-used-to-be-a-cardboard-box. She flipped it upside down, sat in it and spent a lot of time dropping items down the leg shaft and retrieving them at the bottom.

She's been all smiles today, which was a really nice change from the grouchy girl I've had for the last few days. I guess the pain from two teeth that were trying to come in has been helped by one of the teeth finally coming in. It was really nice to have her happy and playful again instead of yelling at me all day!

23 April 2008

Rejeanne and the stray cat having a conversation. I filmed it sideways for some reason, but I was mostly just trying to capture their discussion. This diversion occupied most of her afternoon until she ripped through the screen to either poke the cat with the whisk or feed it cheerios, I'm not quite sure which. In any case, the cat freaked out and so did Rejie and they are taking a break from each other for the rest of the day. I've gotta give Rejeanne credit for figuring out how to use the whisk to make a perfect cut in my screen door though. It never even occurred to me that she could actually do that.

In other news, we have a move-in date for the cheap apartment so things are definitely looking up!

21 April 2008


Rejeanne makes me laugh too much...even when she's just trying to eat her lunch. So, here's a video...let me know if she makes you laugh too!

15 April 2008

The name poll

Don't forget to vote on the updated name poll on the right! And yes, I really am serious about all of those names (except for maybe two of them, but you'd never guess which two)

13 April 2008

Crimson had a nice visit on her first trip to South Dakota. We all missed her so much since we came here and now we miss her again since she went back to CA today. She'll be here for two months beginning in June, so it's not as bad as it was. I didn't take many photos while she was here but I will make a better effort during the summer. I did catch a sword fight on video though. It was actually much more vigorous (especially on Rejeanne's end!) before I turned on the camera, but it's pretty funny to watch my girls in action in any case.

09 April 2008

In case ya haven't heard...

The fetus is a boy.

05 April 2008

Rejie Meets Her Shadow

Yesterday, Rejeanne discovered her shadow. She started out chasing little, fat robins, but we quickly noticed she wasn't heading towards the birds anymore. Rejie was chasing her shadow!! She eventually stopped and yelled at it. Then she stomped on it. Then she tried to shake it off of her feet. Then she bent over and tried to pick it up! Alas, none of these worked, but it was fun to watch her try. She did discover that the shadow would copy her arm movements, so I think she is at piece with her new lifelong companion!