02 December 2014

Four Years of Hard Work

Rejeanne did her first school concert tonight! She's been working up to this for FOUR years. It wasn't easy for her to do at all, but she seemed really, really happy and proud of herself afterwards. She was very excited about doing the concert, so we went out and got the requisite spiffy haircut and beautiful gown. She looks lovely, indeed.

01 November 2014


Lee was gone to Vermont for his grandmother's funeral, so I had to be the only parent on duty this year. I don't think that has been the case since Crimson was maybe 4 years old! Luckily, I had two teenage helpers. We had a great time and collected lots of candy. Starling discovered the magic of trick-or-treating. Rejeanne enjoyed the only holiday she cares about. Cyrus literally shouted with joy the entire time. It was good.

My daughter, Kellie, also had an amazing make up job on her costume in Berkeley. She's very talented!

14 May 2014

Update to Perdock trial

Thank you to everyone who reached out and tried to convince investigators to look into Millie and Michael's deaths more. For better or worse, I think it may have just pushed Carl Perdock to plead guilty a little faster and he is currently serving 25 years to life. Sadly, this means there is a pretty good chance he will get out someday and do it again. Hopefully, the prison crowding situation in California will ease off and the state will be more motivated to keep him.

I plan to look into how the parole process works for him. My understanding is that anyone can send letters in support of or against his parole. If that's the case, I'm certain there will be a voice for Millie and Michael at every parole hearing he ever has, as well as that of Arianna's family. I sincerely hope they never let him out.