27 July 2009

Rejie is THREE!

I can't believe she is three now (well, at 2:11 pm PDT). She is such a sweet, crafty, loving little girl. She doesn't listen to me, she lives in her own world but she brings me into her world very often. She cuddles and jabbers at me. She's really started to engage and communicate this week. I think she will bloom very soon with the words. She said button today and I haven't heard her say that word in over a year, but she just spontaneously said it while playing with the buttons on my shirt. She's also discovered a way to get stuff without using a chair. Lee and I are both stumped as to how she is getting at the far back of the counters and the top of the microwave without the chair, but we have evidence (i.e., contents of entire new box of cheerios all over the floor). Rejeanne is mysterious and keeps us on our toes. She still loves her brother even though he tackles her and pulls her hair. She has started giving him a good night kiss if he looks sleepy enough. Our lives are so blessed by her entrance into our family and we are so thankful for her health and her beautiful personality. I can't say enough about how much I love Rejeanne and I can't wait to see her grow in the coming years. She brings so much joy to my life.

In other news, Cyrus the over-enthusiastic baby encountered the Jensens' cat today. I thought he'd pull its fur off, but instead he immediately tried to kiss it! That didn't work too well, so he snuggled the kitty instead. It was sooo cute!

I have my U.Discover poster session in 13 hours. I think I'm nervous. How else would I know how many hours away it is?? *ack*

Also, for all the prayin' types, please pray for my friend Mandi's daughter, Kenna. She is getting tubes in her ears in a few hours. Not only would we like Kenna's surgery to go off without a hitch, but her mom has not had the best month and doesn't really want to finish the month off with anymore unhappy surprises. So, pray for Miss Kenna!!

17 July 2009

Very fuzzy pic of TEETH!

Because the tops are rarely seen since they are still growing in, I had to go ahead and post the fuzzy pic of his teeth. Please ignore the multitude of horrifying photographic errors.

The Ides of...July?

It was my darling Cyrus Evander Leif's birthday on July 15th. I can't believe he's a year old already. He is big, strong, beautiful and well-suited to his warrior-ish name. He's also made me his favorite person! After having girls who preferred their dads at this age, I have to admit all the mom-cuddles and turning to me with his tears is very wonderful. I know a lot of the moms out there get a little sick of kids sticking to them like velcro and wanting ONLY them, but for me it is still a rare privilege and treasure. My girls are very interested in me now, but not then! There is something special about being the baby's favorite person, and I do adore holding the title (finally!).

My blog is sort of decrepit. I'm hoping to make it a little more bloggy in August. For now, I have vertigo and an ear ache in addition to my usual lengthy list of things that cause me pain all the time, and my summer research is in desperate need of love from me. Well, more work than love, but I think I'll be missing in action until the 25th or so.

Cyrus loved his gifts and still has a few more coming in August from his birthday cash from relatives. Unlike Rejeanne, he went right to task ripping paper and yelling at Rejeanne everytime she'd grab his freshly unwrapped gift and run away with it. It was pretty funny! I guess she finally gets the whole present thing. She even learned to say "present" very quickly! If only all words were as exciting as a present, she'd be set!