22 September 2008

Cyrus is bigger still...

Sir Cyrus Vanderpants grows like a weed

and yes, I really do love this onesie.

The Fluffy Blue Girl aka CyGuy's Girlfriend

For some reason, I thought waking up to a floofy blue little girl right in his face would scare the heck out of him, but it totally didn't. He smiled like a fool the whole time and cooed at her. Cyrus hearts Emma big time!

Rejie is Crazy

In case anyone still had doubts, here's proof that Rejie is a little nut:

While the cat's away...

The birthday girl's little sister, Makenna, took an opportunity for some binky jacking.

First we have the reach...

And then the grab...

Looks like Dax got jacked.

Marlee's Birthday

This is the birthday girl..er...princess, Marlee, after a green cupcake indulgence
Here's a couple photos of Bianca's brother and sister, also after a green cupcake indulgence. Well, I guess I actually caught Ava in the act.

Where's Rejie?

Rejeanne likes the couch pillows.

Yes, Miss Rejie IS in the photo...

11 September 2008


Cyrus is HUGE!! He weighs just over 14 pounds now. He only likes to sleep from 6-9am and 4-7pm though. I don't know why, but those are the only times he really sleeps. Lee and I are sooooooooooo tired. Things are awesome otherwise though. I'll try for a better video tomorrow. He's always kinda grumpy at night.

08 September 2008

My prediction

This behavior will not be tolerated in class, missy!

03 September 2008

When Cyrus Attacks...

Cyrus is on the attack now!

02 September 2008

Commander's Photos

Here's a couple photos of The Commander that we took today.

As you can see, he's awesome!

Operation Keep Shirt

Most people who know me know that I'm impulsive, lacking willpower and addicted to sugar. I've been trying various ways to curb the sugar intake and gain some control over my diet lately. I also really love clothes. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find cute, affordable clothes at the fat girl store. I did find this spiffy shirt though. It doesn't look like much in the picture, but it is super cute. I bought it as a bribe to see if bribery will work for me! I basically made a deal with myself that if I eat healthier and don't buy any random donuts or dessert items until September 13th then I get to keep the shirt. Until that date, the shirt keeps its tags and I keep the receipt. If I fail the shirt challenge, it goes back to the store. I really do not want to take this shirt back to the store!!

I'm on Day 4 right now and I'm still on track. I did spend some time at the grocery store this morning browsing for things that would be healthy to eat but still make me happy in the sugar category. I found something hella tasty and since it is pretty cheap, fast, healthy and delicious, I'll share it with you all:

1/2 cup of Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt (55 calories)
1/2 cup of Kashi Cocoa Beach granola (230 calories)
Mix together and eat!

This stuff is seriously delicious and actually very filling. I ate it for breakfast this morning. It has enough chocolate flavor to keep me happy, it has nuts to help feel satisfied, coconut flakes that I love, and whole grains + yogurt for the health factor. I'm sure this would even be yummy with 1/4 c. of the granola too which would lower the total calories to 170 instead of 285.

I just thought I'd share all this since I've finally crossed over to the dark side and gone on a diet like every other person I know!

No More Lap Space

Rejeanne has learned how to share her dad! I guess it is a good thing we only have two kids clamoring for lap space.


Things have been pretty chaotic here since Cyrus was born. Lee has been sleeping at random times in random places. When Rejeanne finds him sleeping somewhere, she will usually grab her blankie and go cuddle with him for awhile. This time she actually feel asleep! I had to take a picture of it, especially since I think the toddler-butt-in-the-air sleeping position is one of the cutest things on earth.

Lee's family

My in-laws came out for a weekend visit a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see them and for Cyrus to meet them. I didn't really take many photos (and haven't been in general lately) but Lee did get this picture of them as they were leaving to the airport.