30 June 2008

Too much love??

There is too much sisterly love in my house. Rejeanne has been in bed for two hours. Crimson has been in bed for one hour. It's 10pm. I hear lots of playing and squeals of joy coming out of that room. I do not hear sleeping. I guess I should be thankful that it isn't fighting and that no one has school in the morning!

They are really too cute for their own good though. I really wish they would get some sleep!
Mr. Cyrus will be making his appearance before Rejeanne's birthday. I'm guessing around the 22nd, but maybe as early as the 15th. July starts tomorrow! I think I better finish getting ready for him!

Oh, I'm not psychic or something. He's looking like he'd be 11 or 12 pounds by his due date, so the doctor wants to induce him early :)

27 June 2008

Can't get enough rainbows!

I love rainbows. I can't leave them alone...

Our well-timed BBQ

My friends and I had been planning a BBQ for about a week. I was sure we'd get rained out because I nearly always get rained out when I plan outdoorsy stuff. Anyways, we were supposed to BBQ at 5:30. At 3:30, it was raining, but it stopped, so we did it as planned.

Here's a pic of Crimson and her Summertime Partner In Crime, Bianca. These two have been having a blast so far.

Here's Lee making his best Rejie face.

Here's Rejie still looking girly after chowing down half a hamburger, a little pasta salad, some watermelon and an entire pineapple bratwurst. I guess she liked the BBQ.

One heck of a rain cloud blew in about 10 minutes after we had started cleaning up and dropped a ton of rain on us, complete with a bunch of wind. It pretty much came out of nowhere! What perfect timing!

Lee, Crimson, Rejeanne & I went for a drive in the rain and then saw a very cool double rainbow with a full arc and everything. I'm really glad we didn't just go straight home after the BBQ.

Day 2 of the potty chair's appearance in our house:

Rejeanne uses it for a snack bowl.

I think I'm going to keep it as a toy for a few more days to see what else she thinks it is for.

26 June 2008

Gee, whatever could be in this great, big box? Maybe a car seat? A toy box? Something large though, right? Turns out Babies R Us just likes to ship big! Inside is a very trim, Swedish stylin' hot pink potty chair for Rejeanne. Note how small it is compared to the box...

For the record, there wasn't even packing material taking up the extra space. I don't know why I find this funny enough to blog about, but I do!!

Rejeanne has sat on it twice, just as a chair though. I'm letting her play with it today. She thinks her feet go in the bowl though. I think we'll have to work on that aspect before the diaper comes off!

25 June 2008

So, uh, guess what part that is...DEFINITELY a boy! I'm pretty freaked out but I suppose I'll adjust to having a boy eventually.

His face is adorable. He kinda looks like a more somber version of Rejeanne. I was able to see him really clearly on the ultrasound. I could see the hair on his head and even his fingernails. It's pretty cool. The still pics don't really do him justice.

This is some weird 4-D shot. That large thing by his eye is apparently his fist and arm. You can see his nose, mouth and chin pretty good. I still think these 4-D pics are really creepy! I just thought I'd share it anyways :)

Anyways, the news from the doctor is that the extra fluid is most likely from the diabetes but the boy seems to be perfectly formed. He's got a functioning esophagus/stomach as far as we can tell. He was even breathing in there, which is something that is optional in utero. He was just practicing. As far as anyone can tell, this is an anatomically correct child :) The perinatologist doesn't even feel that I need to see him again and he gave the all clear to deliver here instead of in Sioux Falls, which is completely awesome.

The baby is also already about 7 pounds and is measuring about a week older than he actually is. He's going to be a big boy. I think he'll be taller than the girls at birth (if my inability to breathe is any indication!).

So for everyone who was sending the good thoughts and prayers this way, thank you! It seems to be working :)

If anyone is keeping track, Rejeanne is still sleeping in Crimson's bed. It's the cutest thing! Rejeanne won't sleep in anyone else's bed EVER.

Rejeanne also went into the pool finally today. The whole Rejie! Then of course, we couldn't keep her out of there! She was turning purple because she was in there too long and it was kinda chilly for her I guess and she still got mad about getting out.

As for Crimson, she's been having a blast with the neighborhood girls and meeting even more of them at the pool. She's been doing a lot of diving, which is something I have never done. She is loving South Dakota and we've been having a great time (except for all the dang doctor appointments!).

It's shaping up to be an awesome summer!

23 June 2008

Man, does Rejeanne LOVE Crimson! She's been attached to her since she got off the plane. She follows her around, sits in the chair with her, wants her when she's sleepy, just EVERYTHING revolves around Crimson now! It's pretty adorable. I don't think I've ever seen two sisters love each other sooooooo much.
Tonight, I put Rejie to bed in her toddler bed. When it was time to tuck Crimson in, we found Miss Rejie conked out right in the middle of Crimson's bed. Crimson wanted me to leave her there and thought it was really cute that Rejie wanted to sleep in her bed too. They are cuddled up in bed now.
My girls are pure awesomeness. I love them soooooooooo, sooooooooooooo much!
As for the boy, keep prayin' for him. Things are looking better than before but still a little nerve-wracking. I'm seeing a specialist in Sioux Falls on Wednesday so I should know more then. It is looking like, if I can manage to NOT go into labor on my own, that I should be induced in Sioux Falls. Since I've never actually gone into labor on my own before, I'm really hoping that this is not the time it happens! I'm very lucky that my pal & neighbor Jessica's family lives in Sioux Falls and she's offered to stay with them and watch my kids while I'm birthing if I have to do it in Sioux Falls. I can never say enough how incredibly wonderful Jessica is on pretty much every level.

17 June 2008

Every time I look at Rejeanne, I'm overwhelmed by her little lovebug nature. Since we got her life a little more structured, she has been an absolute angel! She's just a little joyful thing lately and it's really really nice. I love her to bits!

As for the boy, I'm thinking we might go the royal route and give him like five middle names. Lee and I are both set on completely different names. I can't bring myself to tell him no, but I can't bring myself to name him what Lee wants either. So, I think we are just going to use them all.

Crimson will be here in two days! I can't wait!!!!!!

16 June 2008

Three more days until Crimson arrives and there is still soooooo much to do! I'm going to try to finish the baby's quilt tonight. I know I won't have time after Crimson gets here. I took Rejeanne to the pool today and she FINALLY enjoyed herself!! I was starting to worry that the little stuff falling from the trees and sticking to her feet was just going to be a dealbreaker for her for the rest of the summer.

For all you prayin' types that read my blog, please pray for my son. Just pray that he's healthy. The doctor's getting me a little nervous about him but I'm not going to get a better picture for a week or two so I'm not going to post about it. I'm sure he's okay but just the slim chance that he's not has got me a little stressed. So yeah, just pray for the little guy if you're so inclined.

09 June 2008

Here are just a couple pictures from our walk at 9:00 AT NIGHT today! The river is near flood stage and it just looks awesome. It was a really, really nice day today. Not too humid, not too hot!

07 June 2008

For the Lee...

My spiffy husband Lee's birthday is tomorrow. He's going to be 24. I thought I'd post my list of 24 things that are completely awesome about Lee, because he really is completely awesome :)

1. He actually LIKES that Rejeanne clings to him like velcro.
2. He tries to share his hobbies with me, regardless of my interest.
3. He makes games and gets Crimson to play them with him.
4. He loves animals.
5. He rubs my back when it hurts (which is all the time!)
6. He doesn't give me a hard time if I go hang out with my friends.
7. He wouldn't let Rejeanne go without her bed for even one night.
8. (sort of part of 7, but still separate!) He walked about 5 blocks at midnight carrying a blanket, a Spongebob toddler bed, my pillow, hairbrush and some cheese sticks...just because he knew how much I'd want those things in the new apartment.
9. He's willing to apologize for being a jerk, but only when he's ready :P
10. He's willing to apologize to me on a day he had four wisdom teeth extracted!
11. He's not afraid to stand up to me (I can be stubborn and argumentative :( )
12. He's become a person I can trust and rely on.
13. He doesn't hold my ex-husband bitterness complex against me, even though it makes me a little wary of him.
14. He's interested in what I'm doing.
15. He's always down to try new food.
16. He moved to a place he had never been just because I thought it would be a nice place to live.
17. He's good at all the things I'm not.
18. He invented a hand snail for our daughter.
19. He has his own imaginary animal pantheon.
20. He made my engagement ring.
21. The ring has one of the imaginary animals on it.
22. He's very competitive.
23. He's very intelligent.
24. He is the most beautiful person I have ever known in every way.

I'm a pretty lucky chick...