25 June 2008

So, uh, guess what part that is...DEFINITELY a boy! I'm pretty freaked out but I suppose I'll adjust to having a boy eventually.

His face is adorable. He kinda looks like a more somber version of Rejeanne. I was able to see him really clearly on the ultrasound. I could see the hair on his head and even his fingernails. It's pretty cool. The still pics don't really do him justice.

This is some weird 4-D shot. That large thing by his eye is apparently his fist and arm. You can see his nose, mouth and chin pretty good. I still think these 4-D pics are really creepy! I just thought I'd share it anyways :)

Anyways, the news from the doctor is that the extra fluid is most likely from the diabetes but the boy seems to be perfectly formed. He's got a functioning esophagus/stomach as far as we can tell. He was even breathing in there, which is something that is optional in utero. He was just practicing. As far as anyone can tell, this is an anatomically correct child :) The perinatologist doesn't even feel that I need to see him again and he gave the all clear to deliver here instead of in Sioux Falls, which is completely awesome.

The baby is also already about 7 pounds and is measuring about a week older than he actually is. He's going to be a big boy. I think he'll be taller than the girls at birth (if my inability to breathe is any indication!).

So for everyone who was sending the good thoughts and prayers this way, thank you! It seems to be working :)

If anyone is keeping track, Rejeanne is still sleeping in Crimson's bed. It's the cutest thing! Rejeanne won't sleep in anyone else's bed EVER.

Rejeanne also went into the pool finally today. The whole Rejie! Then of course, we couldn't keep her out of there! She was turning purple because she was in there too long and it was kinda chilly for her I guess and she still got mad about getting out.

As for Crimson, she's been having a blast with the neighborhood girls and meeting even more of them at the pool. She's been doing a lot of diving, which is something I have never done. She is loving South Dakota and we've been having a great time (except for all the dang doctor appointments!).

It's shaping up to be an awesome summer!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. We appreciated the news today although we were sorry to miss Lee's call. I hope that you can both relax a bit more now. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
With love,