16 June 2008

Three more days until Crimson arrives and there is still soooooo much to do! I'm going to try to finish the baby's quilt tonight. I know I won't have time after Crimson gets here. I took Rejeanne to the pool today and she FINALLY enjoyed herself!! I was starting to worry that the little stuff falling from the trees and sticking to her feet was just going to be a dealbreaker for her for the rest of the summer.

For all you prayin' types that read my blog, please pray for my son. Just pray that he's healthy. The doctor's getting me a little nervous about him but I'm not going to get a better picture for a week or two so I'm not going to post about it. I'm sure he's okay but just the slim chance that he's not has got me a little stressed. So yeah, just pray for the little guy if you're so inclined.

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