27 June 2008

Our well-timed BBQ

My friends and I had been planning a BBQ for about a week. I was sure we'd get rained out because I nearly always get rained out when I plan outdoorsy stuff. Anyways, we were supposed to BBQ at 5:30. At 3:30, it was raining, but it stopped, so we did it as planned.

Here's a pic of Crimson and her Summertime Partner In Crime, Bianca. These two have been having a blast so far.

Here's Lee making his best Rejie face.

Here's Rejie still looking girly after chowing down half a hamburger, a little pasta salad, some watermelon and an entire pineapple bratwurst. I guess she liked the BBQ.

One heck of a rain cloud blew in about 10 minutes after we had started cleaning up and dropped a ton of rain on us, complete with a bunch of wind. It pretty much came out of nowhere! What perfect timing!

Lee, Crimson, Rejeanne & I went for a drive in the rain and then saw a very cool double rainbow with a full arc and everything. I'm really glad we didn't just go straight home after the BBQ.

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