07 June 2008

For the Lee...

My spiffy husband Lee's birthday is tomorrow. He's going to be 24. I thought I'd post my list of 24 things that are completely awesome about Lee, because he really is completely awesome :)

1. He actually LIKES that Rejeanne clings to him like velcro.
2. He tries to share his hobbies with me, regardless of my interest.
3. He makes games and gets Crimson to play them with him.
4. He loves animals.
5. He rubs my back when it hurts (which is all the time!)
6. He doesn't give me a hard time if I go hang out with my friends.
7. He wouldn't let Rejeanne go without her bed for even one night.
8. (sort of part of 7, but still separate!) He walked about 5 blocks at midnight carrying a blanket, a Spongebob toddler bed, my pillow, hairbrush and some cheese sticks...just because he knew how much I'd want those things in the new apartment.
9. He's willing to apologize for being a jerk, but only when he's ready :P
10. He's willing to apologize to me on a day he had four wisdom teeth extracted!
11. He's not afraid to stand up to me (I can be stubborn and argumentative :( )
12. He's become a person I can trust and rely on.
13. He doesn't hold my ex-husband bitterness complex against me, even though it makes me a little wary of him.
14. He's interested in what I'm doing.
15. He's always down to try new food.
16. He moved to a place he had never been just because I thought it would be a nice place to live.
17. He's good at all the things I'm not.
18. He invented a hand snail for our daughter.
19. He has his own imaginary animal pantheon.
20. He made my engagement ring.
21. The ring has one of the imaginary animals on it.
22. He's very competitive.
23. He's very intelligent.
24. He is the most beautiful person I have ever known in every way.

I'm a pretty lucky chick...