25 May 2011

Rejeanne's Photographic Escapade

While no one was paying attention for all of 10 minutes, Rejeanne took up photography. First, she laid in Crimson's bean bag chair and figured out how to turn the camera on and take a picture:

Then, she ran out to the hallway mirror to watch herself taking pictures or maybe to try a self-portrait. Since she doesn't really talk about her motivations, we just have to guess about these:

Once she felt she had mastered the classic "self-portrait in the mirror" so popular for the youngsters on Facebook, she convinced the most beloved poriferan in her life to pose for her camera:

13 May 2011

Belated Easter Pics

Better late than never, right?

What Gets Me Through

I survive winter by thinking of flowers. How I'm going to steal them from around town. How I'm going to grow my own. Thinking of this is the only way I can live through the -20 plus howling windchill. Those days are gone and the flowers have finally arrived. Not a moment too soon!

09 May 2011

Rejeanne's Hair

I finally broke down and took Rejeanne for a haircut. She was NOT happy about it, but she does seem happy with the end result. She looks awfully cute with this short hair, but it is sad that she had to get it cut after we have been growing it for 4 years. Today was her very first haircut ever!

She hates having her hair brushed. She hates having it styled. It is super dry and super fine and gets horribly tangled and/or breaks off in the prairie wind. I think we will have a happier Rejie now.

Pics tomorrow!

What I'm Doing This Week...

In addition to the usual stuff, I'm sewing an hour a night. It's manageable!

01 May 2011

oh my!

me (to Lee): I don't think John Paul II has been dead long enough to be beatified.

Cyrus: *hits me with a boot*

Lee: What did you say before he hit you with a boot?

Me: I don't know. I think he whacked it out of me.

Crimson (to Lee): She said something about Long John Paul the Third being christified.

(Well, guess we know what Saint JP does during Lent...sells fish out of a drive up window!)