15 April 2008

The name poll

Don't forget to vote on the updated name poll on the right! And yes, I really am serious about all of those names (except for maybe two of them, but you'd never guess which two)


Anonymous said...

Woody says how about Jacob?
I like Evan,
Woody likes John, Thomas,
Erie is unique....
I will have to keep thinking about it.

CJMR said...

Jacob is in the top 5 names for boys right now and has been for awhile. Basically, there are Jacobs EVERYWHERE. I love the name Evan but it is also very common now. That's why Evander is on the list, so I can still call him Evan. Evan is also just another form of John so it has that appeal as well. The name Erie looks like it would sound the same as "Eerie". Given our kids have weird enough parents, I can't name him something spooky (I'd make an exception for Jihad but not for his first name).

I picked Elia for Rejeanne because it is used as a form of Elizabeth in Hawaii, but Lee likes it because it has his name in it when you say it out loud. That's the same reason he is pulling for Leif. He's really pushing for Cyrus Evander Leif. I'm guessing he's going to end up getting his way. I was thinking I should use Louis since both of our dads have Louis in their names but I just don't actually like the name very much. I'd like to use Hallen after my favorite granduncle and I really love Reuel or Judah. Lee has offered me a cat to name Reuel if I will let him keep the Leif...I'm VERY tempted by the offer of a future kitty.