16 March 2010


So Rejeanne's preschool teacher called today to confirm the meeting tomorrow. When she did that she says "we'll be talking about the diagnosis and then we'll have the IEP in May". Um, WHAT!??! I told her May wasn't acceptable for us. We've been waiting coming on two years now for a diagnosis. What is the point of a diagnosis if no one is going to do anything? She kept sticking to May, I kept sticking to as early as possible. This is already approaching ridiculous!

Anyways, I told her my understanding was that this meeting was to go over the "recommendations" from the autism evaluation, which I (wrongly) assumed meant we'd be changing the IEP at the same time. Then the teacher says "Well, we can talk as a team about adding some goals if you'd like, but Rejeanne has not made any progress so far towards her current goals". No kidding? What a shocker. Who can believe an autistic child isn't making progress with 10 minutes of unspecified "direct services" per day in a preschool setting? I guess that explains why they haven't sent home the every 9 week progress reports we are supposed to be receiving.

I'm just wondering how far this will have to go for them to wake up and realize they have an obligation here and that I'm not the type to just sit around and let them do as they please without at least explaining the reasons behind it. I'm gonna try really hard to bring nothing but honey and sugar to this meeting but if that doesn't work, there is still some other options.


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