01 June 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I have to admit that I have a really bad habit. I watch the Bachelorette/Bachelor. Seriously, the show is epic fail every time, but I just can't turn away.

I'm admitting this just so I can complain that the show seems to have found the two craziest people from Salt Lake City and put them on TV. Michelle from the last Bachelor was a complete and total nutjob. She was seriously scary.

Then this time, they've got douche-alicious Bentley, whose only goal seems to be to publicly humiliate the Bachelorette as much as humanly possible in what little time he has on TV. What a catch!!

Of course, he has definitively proven that women flock to jerks like moths to light. It's only the second episode and the Bachelorette has already begged him to stay. As in "please, please, please, please stay...please". Oh, it was so pathetic and Mr. Jerkface was just lappin' it up and making fun of her to the side camera. Obviously anyone who thinks they can find lasting love on a TV show does not have realistic expectations, but the producers should bounce this dude as he's clearly stated he has no interest in this women (except for degrading her, that is).

Bentley is a gross, sad man. So sad.

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