04 July 2008

4th of July

We had an awesome 4th! We got to drive out to a friend's place that is kinda far out of town and FINALLY saw tons of lightning bugs! We don't have any in town. I'm guessing it is due to the town's vigorous pest control requirements. Something I didn't know: bug splat on the car windshield glows when you hit a lightning bug! It's pretty cool.

Anyways, we had a great potluck at the Campbell's place with a HUGE bonfire. That was the biggest ball of fire I've ever seen. Then they set off fireworks for about two hours (I was hiding in the house with the dogs cuz I'm a chicken). On the way home, we saw tons of fireworks and fireflies. Once we got back into town, we saw the BEST fireworks display EVER!! I was really surprised that our tiny little town did a larger and more beautiful display than Dodger Stadium, Rose Bowl, Anaheim Stadium or Disneyland...but they did! It was probably about a 40-60 minute show.

No photos unfortunately! I meant to bring the camera but we were running late and I forgot it!

Crimson had a great time with her friends at the bonfire and got lots of practice at setting off fireworks. Scary flaming objects seem to be a SD specialty, so I let her get out there with the pros and do her best at catching herself on fire. She's still in one piece and unharmed. She assures me she did lots of dangerous stuff that I don't want to hear about and had a wonderful time.

Rejeanne wasn't a big fan of the fireworks until we were in the car at the big show. The loud noises were freaking her out until I started going "oh look how pretty" and telling her what color they were. After a couple bursts, she was saying "pretty" and "gold" and "oooOOoooo". It was pretty cute.

Lee seemed to have a decent time eating yummy food and keeping Rejeanne out of the bonfire. (I'm not sure what else he was up to since I was hiding and he KNOWS I don't want to know the gory details about the fireworks).

Other than a panic attack and a splotchy sunburn, I had a good day :) It's really nice to spend time with friends and try everyone's tasty creations. I also had fun at the pool earlier in the day with Crimson and Bianca. Oddly, listening to a 7 year old crush on a 27 year old lifeguard. That was a pretty funny conversation!

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