17 July 2008

After 16 hours of labor, an oxygen mask, and discovering the baby was "sunny side up" which is why pushing him out required an oxygen mask and 16 hours, we have a baby! (We also have a very broken mom who doesn't really feel like blogging right now).

He's adorable and worth every second of those 16 hours. He's a very, very, very mellow baby so far. He sleeps, he looks around sometimes, he cries when he's wet or hungry, and that's it. He only woke up once last night. He'd rather sleep than eat.

Here's a pic to tide everyone over until I'm feeling like a human being again. I'll also be posting a video in a couple minutes, so check back if there is no video yet.

(Oh, I went into labor on my own on the 14th and he was born on the 15th, instead of being induced on the 16th)


Barbara said...

Congradulations on your baby boy!!!!!!!!!! just can't do anything easy can you? Glad to hear you like and enjoy your new home. We all miss you in Cali! Looking forward to seeing more pics! Rejeanne has gotten soooo big, curious how big Crimson has gotten

Mandi said...

By the way.... does he have a name? And what did he end up weighing>?

abraham said...

Ahhhhhh what a cute baby, you can add him to your other hallmark children! What is his name?

Patty Stansfield said...

Matt was sunny side up, too. I had to lay on my side and push for an hour to turn him. So glad everything came out all right. hehe. Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

Love you, Patty

Anonymous said...

I keep returning to watch the video of little Cyrus again. I attempted to post but apparently I was not successful. He is so sweet and I love his little coos. I wish I was holding him right now.