06 August 2008


Ever since I had The Commander, I've been gimpy for one reason or another. I thought I was finally bouncing back and BOOM! - gimped AGAIN!!! I'm still functional (sorta), but hurting. It's never taken me more than a couple days to recover from having a baby before but it's been THREE WEEKS!!!!!! I do feel better overall though, so hopefully this is a minor setback and I'll be back to 100% in the next week or so. I'm just really bummed because Crimson flies back to Cali next Wednesday and I had some pretty grand plans for our last week together and I don't know if they will come to fruition or not!

I guess the first item of business should be clearing off my camera memory card so I can take new pictures! I'll have to get to that.

Rejeanne is still grouchy, but she seems a lot better than she was a couple of days ago.

Well, Commander beckons...

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