04 August 2008

No Pictures Today

Rejeanne loves her brother. She really does. She gets on her tip-toes and peers into the bassinet. She kisses the bassinet. She kisses him. Today, she gave him a binky when he started crying (she also brought him a tampon!) Hopefully Rejeanne will forgive Lee soon for loving yet another person besides her. She doesn't like him touching anyone unless it is her (yes, this includes me and it has been like that from Day One). She is very tearful and heartbroken for half of the day everyday lately. I feel really bad for her. It must be hard to get a baby, have Crimson here, have your schedule totally thrown out AND not be able to complain about it...other than crying anyways.

Crimson is doing really well out here. She only has 9 days left here and she's starting to get tearful about it. Thankfully, I'm finally more energetic and in less pain to where I can start interacting with people again. I was starting to worry that I wasn't going to be able to do anything fun with Crimson before she went back. I'm seeing the carnival and the water park in the not-so-distant future though so all is not lost.

I love my girls so much. It's hard to see them both a little blue, though for totally different reasons.

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