15 January 2009

Bestest Friends

Some friends you keep forever, no matter what. I'm down for these two girls for life. No matter how many years go by or what we do, every time we get together it's like we haven't been apart. Those are the best kind to have and I'm blessed to have at least four. Only two are pictured :) (The other two are busy with their 6 and 7 children, respectively!) Shauna doesn't normally wear a crown, but it was her birthday! I hate having my picture taken, so I always look kind of surly unless you catch me when I'm not paying attention.


Mandi said...

Wow....I have never seen you so excited to be in a picture. lol

Claire Wessel said...

Yeah, I'm trying to undo 30 years of not smiling in pictures. I managed to smile in a couple done on a Chucky Cheese machine with me and Crimson. I'm trying to convince myself that the gap in my teeth is more attractive than looking like I'm posing for a mug shot every picture. Maybe I'll post the two options and let people vote. Or maybe I'll go back to hiding from cameras :)


jglanzer said...

Embrace the teeth and smile! (and I honestly mean that in a really nice way, even though it's hard to come up with a nice way to say something like that...) I HATE the way my eyes get all teeny and squinty when I smile, so for a looong time I used to try the whole 'serious' look. When I look back at those pictures, I just look like I'm completely pissed off. I decided after several years' worth of "surly" photos that it's better to just embrace the squinty eyes and look happy. Go for it! ;c)