15 January 2009

Only ONE person in the Entire World is going to care about this post other than me.

For anyone bored enough to read this after the disclaimer, this post is for my old roommate Jen. I lived with her 5 years ago and met her about 7 years ago at a party. One day, while living together, I open the cupboard and find this dish (pictured above) that I made in Kindergarten. How can this be?? This dish has never left my mom's house. How did it get in my house???? I'm wondering this outloud and my roommate is laughing hysterically at this point. I'm like DUDE, HOW DID THIS GET HERE??? I made this thing in kindergarten. Through her tears and laughing, she manages to say "I made that in kindergarten you dork! Flip it over!" Sure enough, the dish said "Jenny" on the bottom. So, I feel pretty stupid and I tell her how I was trying to make my mom and ashtray but it didn't work and it kinda came out like a bowl. Knowing a little bit about ceramics, I start marveling at how incredible it is that our dishes could be the exact same colors since ever glaze fires different. So I ask her where she went to school and she says "Walnut Elementary in Chino". Holy Hannah! That's where I went to Kindergarten! It's two counties away from where we met about 20 some years later. This was creepy. Anyways, I've always told her I'd take pics of the dish so she could see that I am NOT a COMPLETE lunatic and that our dishes do look almost IDENTICAL!!!

You totally didn't care and want your three minutes back, don't you?

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