10 February 2009

How unseasonable...

I'll have to try for a real blog post later, but when something like this happens, it's worth a quick note.

I'm running the A/C in February in South Dakota. *faints*

Of course, the reason is actually because I don't want to open the window and watch the construction guys who are right in front of it or listen to the swearing and lame radio station they are playing because it is cool enough to be happy with an open window, but still. A/C IN FEBRUARY!!!!


Mandi said...

It really was nice today! I didn't have my A/C on...but it was finally warm out!

liz Wessel said...

It is cool .clean and crisp here after some rains. The moon is full and beautiful. The mountains are covered with snow and
i wish we were going to Idylwild the w/e. Glad to know you are having a warm front! Enjoy!