24 August 2009

First Day of Preschool

I really wish my camera battery hadn't decided to stop charging about a month ago. It has caused us to miss taking a video of Cyrus trying to crawl and dance at the same time, most of Rejeanne's birthday goodness, her new skill at building forts, and most criminal of all: Rejie's first day of preschool!!

I managed to get her there early. She must have know she was going to have to stay by herself by assessing the adult to kid ratio. She refused to enter the room. She hunkered down in a tight little Rejie ball and wouldn't cooperate. I finally coax her into the room, and she re-balled by my feet. I decided to go the the circle puzzle to bribe her and while I was searching for it, she made her escape. Unfortunately for Rejeanne, one of the preschool staff saw her bolt on me and went to chase her down. She played with the puzzle with me, but I had to leave pretty quick after that and she screamed and screamed. I felt like a total jerk.

On the upside, the preschool staff considers her screaming from 8:45 to 10am a good day because she was mostly chill from 10-11:30. With standards that low, I probably don't have to worry about any meetings with the principal. I'm also pleased to report that Rejeanne kept her clothes on the entire time. *sigh* She is getting so big.

Oh! Cyrus is trying really hard to talk and is saying two word phrases here and there. I thought the boys were supposed to be the slow talkers???!

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