02 September 2009

Guess What??!!

We're moving! We were supposed to move this summer, but the place we were going to take was needed much, much more by a gal with 4 kids in a 2 bdrm. apt. so we swapped spots on the waiting list. Usually only one of the 3bdrm places come open every year or two. We expected that we'd still be in our apt for another year or so, but today the landlord came up to see if we wanted it. Heck ya we do!! I'm so glad I hadn't made the carpet cleaning appt yet because then we would have had to pay twice for it since we have to pay a carpet cleaning fee when we move to the other unit. I'm totally excited to have a nice, open L-shaped kitchen instead of the tunnel I have here. It's also got laundry hook-ups in the unit and central air/heat. They also did a bunch of renovations this year. It's even big enough for me to invite the gals over to do stuff without us all feeling like we are sitting on top of each other. The best part though is that Cyrus can have a room! He is just to strong and unaware of the pain he inflicts to put him in a room with Rejeanne so he has stayed in our room and we had no plans to move him out until he has more self-control about pulling his sister's hair.

Anyways, we should be in the new place October 1st. The current tenants bought a house, so unless their escrow falls through, we are moving on in there!

So, fellow Vermillionaires, where should I go to score some boxes??

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aunt j. said...

The liquor store has great boxes for heavy stuff like books. Look in the classifieds people here give them away (the ones they've paid lots of $ for.

Happy moving.
Aunt J.