03 September 2009

A Cautionary Tale :)

My lovely Rejie, who talks all the time but no one has a clue what she is saying, has really beginning to pick up some words. This morning, Cyrus and I are napping in the bedroom and Lee and Rejeanne are in the living room. I guess Lee dozed off or something because I get up from my nap and Rejeanne (who likes to run naked when she has to go potty) runs up to me naked and follows me into the bathroom. She sits on the potty and plays and hangs out and plays some more. She says "poop" and I say "poop goes in the potty" but she doesn't poop. Eventually, she leaves and goes back to the living room. I finish brushing my teeth and hair and go out to the living room. Lee's asleep and Rejeanne looks distressed and says "ewwwwwww, poop!!" and waives her hand around then turns around and I see Poop!! So I run and get the potty and put her on it while Lee is trying to figure out what is happening. I come back with the potty and Lee is trying to clean her hand off and I put her on the potty and say "you put your poop in the potty, not on your hand" and Rejie just keeps saying "ewwww" "bad poop" and "not on hand" while completely freaking out. It was hilarious. After she's clean enough to go in the bath, she calmed down and said "Bad Poop! not on hand". Maybe she does learn better when she's completely freaked out after all!

The best part when I asked her where she pooped she said "need pants. Daddy. Wake up wake up. Bad poop" I have this feeling perhaps she tried to wake Lee up to get a new diaper so she could poop! She doesn't like pooping in a wet diaper and a wet diaper that she had stripped off was sitting right by where he was sleeping. All in all, he's pretty lucky she didn't poop on him.

On the upside, maybe she'll get better about telling us she needs the potty now, and of course she has learned not to put her hand into her poop. This should also have freaked Lee out enough to keep him from dozing on the job for a little while.

*edit* UPDATE: Turd has been located. Thankfully not by Cyrus.

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