15 September 2009

So Very Talc-ey

When Rejeanne gets mad, she usually creates a great deal of screaming and drama. Today, she got mad, then got fairly quiet. Since it was near naptime, Lee thought she had put herself to bed. Moms, you guys all know what silence means! Especially with two:

Please notice all the particulate matter in the air obscuring your view of my blinds. My camera ain't blurry, folks; Rejeanne just has a cloud around her.

Baby brother seems to be enjoying himself, despite his powdery coating.

It looks like she dumped the whole container on his head!

You can't tell in the pics, but she stripped nude for the festivities and was doing simultaneous jump-twirls on my very powdered bed. Wheeeeeee

1 comment:

aunt j. said...

years ago my friend's kids emptied 10 lbs of flour onto the bed. (Her 9 yr old daughter is retarded but very strong. Dad was napping also) Everything was white the kids the room except around their eyes. I hope she had a good vacuum.

Aunt J.