14 June 2010

The Cool Part of Autism

In the split second it took me to click the comment link on Flying Tomato's page, Rejeanne saw the critter in the fern. I've never seen someone find a hidden object so fast in my entire life. I clicked away from this image so fast, I would never have even thought she could have seen the picture, much less the dragonfly! How did I know she saw it? As soon as I clicked away, I hear Rejeanne say "Wormy the Butterfly under the tree". The second I heard her say that, I clicked back to the pic and said "Where is it?" and she hopped on my lap and put her finger right to the dragonfly, then ran off.

My child is AMAZING! :)

Here's the pic (somewhat cut off by blogger uploading for some reason) for the curious.

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