11 July 2010

Cyrus and the Brownie

So, I decided to sneak some fat girl food this morning. Of course, this means I'm going to go eat a brownie in the restroom (don't judge).

I'm on my way to the bathroom and I very quickly and stealthily grab the brownie container and try to get into the bathroom without Cyrus.

He saw me grab the brownies and sped up to join me in the bathroom. I locked him out. Here's the conversation that ensued through the locked door:

Cyrus: "MOM!"
Me: "Cyrus"
Cyrus: "What is that?"
Me: "None of your business"
Cyrus: "Is that a brownie?"
Me: "Yes"
Cyrus: "Gimme one!"
Me: "I'm not giving you a brownie"

Cyrus runs away screaming. Thirty seconds later, he comes back:

Cyrus: "MOM!"
Me: "Cyrus"
Cyrus: "Let me in!!"
Me: "I'm not letting you in"

He runs away screaming again.

About a minute later, he comes back to the door.

Cyrus: "MOM!"
Me: "Cyrus"
Cyrus: "I want a brownie"
Me: "No"

Cyrus runs off screaming for a third time.

At this point, I'm done with my fat girl moment and feel bad about not sharing my brownie. I come out and find that his sister has graciously given him a piece of chocolate. Sometimes, it's good to be the littlest one.

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Jessica Bair said...

That sounds like me with my kids. I QUIETLY try to open a candy bar wrapper...if they hear it, they want me to share. I DON'T WANT TO SHARE! If I do get it open without them hearing it, I have to worry about them smelling it or seeing it. That means it has to be hidden under the blanket that is covering me on the couch. I can only take bites when no one is looking. This is why I don't usually eat my fat girl food until the kids are in bed or if there's enough for me to share...i.e. a big bag of peanut m&m's rather than a small single serving bag. I'm glad that you can appreciate this Claire and you won't judge me:)