18 July 2010

Random Stuff

Okay, California, I've finally settled on two things I miss about you. First, the constant availability of lebni and Indian food. Out here in SD, I have to wait about three days from the time I start making lebni until I can eat it. It is also far more expensive to make it than to buy it. Oh lebni, how I miss you. As for Indian food, my dishes are NEVER as good as the cheap-o Indian buffet. So sad.

Oh well, at least Crimson and I got to eat at the Chinese buffet last night for less than $15. Good times. We also went to the movies and the book store and Orange Julius. It was a good mom-daughter day. I saw Last Airbender with her expecting to suffer through it and I ended up really liking the movie. Go figure. I miss having mom-daughter day every day that she is here. She's been enjoying reading a lot and playing with her friends though. She's a great sister too. Cyrus and Rejeanne both spend a decent amount of time playing with her, but she says that it is hard to get Rejeanne to play.

We've also semi-purchased a different car. I say "semi" because it's really not purchased until the bank funds the loan. Until that point, they can take back the car. I actually know someone that happened to years ago so I'm trying to not get attached to my kids having leg room and me having a driver's side window with some A/C and cruise control. Hopefully I'll know by Friday if we get to keep it. If not, it will be like having a free rental. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and have this weird feeling that I'm going to have to give it back. I think I just feel that way because I haven't had a car loan since 1997 and it feels really awful. I don't like car loans. It sure is a cozy car though...*sigh*

I start the freakishly early morning schedule tomorrow. It's the only way I can work out and my back is very unhappy from lack of swimming lately. I think I have to be up by 5am for my new regimen. I hope I can do it because I'm starting to feel like I don't have a choice! My back needs love. At least I've lost 10 pounds since the 6th. That's bound to help.

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Jennifer Beaty said...

You can get tikka masala in a jar at target... if you add a little milk it tastes really good! Its rare to find Indian food out here too... grrr.