25 March 2008

Rejie Daisy Strikes Again

Oh how I wish I had a video of this, but I don't! I love the wind and sun. It was both sunny and windy today so I decided to take Rejeanne for a walk to go visit my friend and play with her kids. Rejeanne was ready to go, she went to the door, tried to open it, walked up two steps, then crawled up the remaining four. Then she scooted on her butt through the entryway, out the main door and down the outer stairs. My friend's place has stairs too and Rejie decided stairs are for butt scootchin'. It was pretty funny to watch! She has also mastered eating with a fork without flinging her food everywhere. Today was a great day!

Yay springtime! (It's supposed to snow on Thursday :P )

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