21 March 2008

Spring Fever?

Rejeanne rang in Spring with a Spring Fever. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with her, just the fever. It eventually got up to 104, so we went to the ER. The ER in Vermillion is pretty cool. There's no wait. So, after waiting for Rejeanne to pee for about an hour, the bag leaked and the nurse got a whoppin' ONE DROP of urine. We're pretty sure it is a bladder infection in any case. She's got antibiotics yet again and seems to be finally perking up today. Poor Lee though! Since Rejeanne is the Super Duper Daddy's Girl, if I get anywhere near her when she is sick she just screams and cries for Lee. So, Lee and Rejeanne haven't gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a day for the last two days. Now that she is perking up, she ran and gave me a kiss this morning and took a nap for me finally. Lee and Rejie are both napping now. I love them both so much. I'm really glad that we live at a time when there is antibiotics! It would be really terrifying to see if my baby could fight off something like that alone without them. It's so easy to take modern medicine for granted.

In any case, I think she is on the mend :)

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~liz Wessel said...

Thanks so much for letting me know you updated this blog. Although I hate to learn that Rejeanne has been sick with such a high fever. I hope she is on the mend. I happened to call Lee this am and just got the message option. Should be a little package arriving hopefully before Easter.