03 March 2008

Well, I've decided to send people a blog link so I don't have to mess with Photobucket anymore. Especially since my mom can't seem to get photobucket to happen on her computer. I figure everyone should be able to see a blog. So, if you are looking to read about what my kids are doing on a daily basis, you have come to the right spot.

Crimson is playing softball this year instead of baseball. She's having fun but really wants to win a game! We miss her tons! She'll be out here in early April for her Spring Break. I'm hoping it doesn't snow but I think Crimson is hoping that it does!

Rejeanne is Ms. Crazy-Face as always. Look for bizarre stories, photos and videos in the near future. She does a lot of stuff worth mentioning!


abraham said...

For not winning a game she looks sure happy to play! =)

~liz Wessel said...

I am happy to report that Crimson will be coming to our house for dinner on Easter. So we will be sure to host an Easter egg hunt and Judy will be the great bearer of Easter baskets for all. John's girlfriend Veronica will also be joining our celebration!