28 November 2008

Gobble Gobble

We went to da hood of Siouxer City for turkey. It was awesome. I drank lots of this stuff.

We miraculously were photographed TOGETHER! This never happens. Sure, the kids were looking away and Lee is sick and looks it, but it is evidence that my kids have two parents, so it's a keeper!

These are our hosts, Miss Alisha and Senor Mateo. Can you see the love in the room? The love makes me happy :)

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. Before I move on to Christmas carols, here's just a sample of things I'm thankful for:
The trials of life that taught me understanding and the knowledge that my children will never understand me ~ Each of the children I have borne or borrowed ~ Every loving exchange ~ Life going well ~ Being happy ~ Having hope ~ Laughing til I cry ~ Blooming where planted ~ Dancing with my kids ~ Singing when I’m alone ~ Remembering to pray when angry ~ Moving through fear ~ Twinkies and Cherry 7up

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~liz Wessel said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving photos. Poor Lee looks like he is feeling awful. Otherwise it is great to see you all together. We will have to take more of those when you visit.