07 December 2008

So sleepy...

I'm sleepy. I'm going to try to coax Lee off of the couch and try to get him to sleep in bed. I think it is funny that he can answer my questions in his sleep. I asked him if he wanted to sleep on the couch or in bed and he says "I want to sleep on the couch but I want to lay down with you". Hrm. That's a mighty narrow couch we have. I think I'm just gonna sleep in bed...

In other news, there may be a possibility that Cyrus' mohawk will be spiked and photographed again tomorrow. I'm kinda excited about that!

We went to a very early Christmas party tonight. Rejeanne looked around more and was generally more engaged, but still stayed on a lap all night. It's still improvement though. Her speech is rapidly improving. She can say "shirt" and "stick" now so she's getting some hard consonants going on. Hopefully there will be more phrases soon.

I have a ton of homework to do tomorrow. I think I better just go to bed now. Oh, wait, it's the last week of school!! Then the week after is just finals and another semester is over. Yay!

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~liz Wessel said...

It is amazing how quickly the semesters do go by. I am proud of you for sticking with it. I can only imaging how challenging it is do get school work done with two little ones. It helps that Lee is there to support you, and you are there to support him!!!