21 December 2008

Sorry folks!

No pics today!

School is finally over and the awful weather is scheduled to subside just in time for us to catch our plane in Omaha. If our Secret Santa is reading this, thanks for the toothbrush holders (I was actually thinking I needed these) and for your psychic abilities in knowing that my husband LOVES Chex Mix. Good job, Santa!

I'm trying to clean the house so I don't come home to a mess after being gone three weeks. My back is really slowing me down. I hope I can survive travel and different chairs. I'm so excited to see Crimson and for her to spend time with Rejeanne and Cyrus. I'm determined to get some decent photos of all of us, together, looking like a family, so keep checking back for those!

I'll probably be posting like a fiend while in California, as long as I can find a way to get my pics from the camera onto the computer out there. If I can't, I'll just play catch up when we get home.

I've decided to make Christmas break weekends a work time for me. My kids are going to be busy climbing grandma all weekend and Crimson will be at Jason's, so what to do??? My current plan is to do a set of divorce papers for a friend and work on my genealogy. Thanks to Mr. I remember Swedish from my mission, Bro. Ric Jensen, I managed to give the Swedes another try. I've had a wall on the Swedish lines since I was about 16. I finally managed to break through and I have added 3-4 generations back on all of the Swedish folks!! How exciting! It is so wonderful for me to have FINALLY accomplished this! I started out only knowing back to about 1880 with only sketchy details and very little about their locations and families in Sweden. Now, I have a TON of stuff and totally detailed back to the 1790's on most lines. There is so much more for me to find too! I just ran out of time and had to work on other things now. So, after so much success, I'm planning to work on some of Lee's family history as well. Since I'm doing so great with Swedish records (which I have to say are REMARKABLE, especially compared to the American records available in the same time frames), I'm going to work on Lee's Swedish great-grandmother and see what I can find. It's been a long time since I've been excited about researching families because I just hit so many walls and felt kinda hopeless with it. I'm glad I set it aside for so long. Technology had a chance to catch up with me! That said, if anyone wants help with Swedish stuff, I'm in the mood to do it!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully, I'll be posting during CA time, but if not, I'll be back January 9th with photo overload!

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