19 June 2009

The Glory of Orthodontia

So Crimson has this expander thingy in the roof of her mouth to spread out her incredibly narrow palate. Well, things get caught up there. Apparently she had a kiwi seed stuck up there for 3 days that finally came out on the plane. Tonight, we had spaghetti with meat sauce. She got a piece of burger stuck up there and couldn't get it out. Well, I'm not willing to have a piece of anything remain stuck in her mouth so we tried to get it out. A bamboo skewer, 20 minutes, and a little brush thing later, I dislodge the offending meat. Of course, I freed it with such force that it flew out, hit me in the face and ricochet'd down my shirt.

So, is that gross or what?! hahahaha


Jessica Bair said...

So is it like a retainer or is it not removeable? I had a retainer before I got braces. My palate is narrow and deep.

Claire Wessel said...

It's a non-removable metal thing that has a key to turn it to slowly expand her jaw apart. There's a space (a small one!) between the middle of this thing and the roof of her mouth where things can get caught. Pretty awful. I guess she only has to have this part in her mouth until the end of summer or so and then they take it out and put more braces. I'm pretty sure she'll have a retainer in about a year and a half and wear that until all her adult teeth are in to try to make sure they come in straight enough that she won't need braces again when she's older.