28 November 2009

Annual Turkey to Tree Trimdown!!!!!

Annual Turkey To Tree Trimdown (T4)

It seems that a lot of people I know are embarking on what most people consider the impossible – losing weight during the holiday season!

So, I propose that we swing at windmills together and prove these naysayers wrong! Skinny people, you can participate too! I consider this more of an effort to remember to take proper care of oneself more than a month long diet! I think it is really easy to justify some extra cookies during this time of year, but if we are focusing on self-care during this month, it will be less likely to be a cookie marathon by Christmas.

What do I have to do, you ask? Well, it is simple (on paper anyways)

From today until late night December 23rd, you do the following:

1. Care for your mind and/or soul.

Do something spiritual every day for a total of 30 minutes. This includes prayer, reading, meditation or anything else you find uplifting to your soul. So as not to exclude my chubby atheist compadres, I’ll suggest some readings of philosophy, poetry or something else that will help focus your mind and explore your world.

2. Care for the belly!

Come up with a plan to keep the reins on the food. If you know some particular food pattern is a problem for you, focus on that. For me, it is going to be the sugary fat girl food each and every time! So, I’ll be avoiding it for the T4. So, put down the chips and figure out what you can eat instead :)

3. Care for the machine.

Don’t forget the body that keeps you mobile. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Take the stairs, office people (but make sure you won’t get locked in first! I did that once ). Since I’m a gimpy girl, I’ll be spending my 30 minute minimum in the pool. This amount is the MINIMUM!! Those silly experts claim you need 30 a day just to maintain your weight, but if you have cookie calories to contend with, you should probably aim higher! Skinny fit people, you all just ramp it up a little, okay?

4. Document your plan and your progress

Either post your plan and progress on your blog or facebook, or send me an email. Why? Because we all need the support :) I like to know what others are doing and what is working (or not working) for them. My email is crimsoncoconut at gmail dot com. I’ll probably be doing most of my updates on facebook, so if you aren’t my fb friend, add me. I will probably also do the end-of-efforts post on the blog as well in case you are just curious about the end result.

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