01 November 2009

My Idea of Romance...

My husband has a tendency to be a very random individual. It has an upside and a downside. Lately, I've had tunnel vision on the downside, but he sprung what I'd like to call a "grand romantic gesture" at me completely randomly. These occasional surprises (plus never being boring or predictable) are definitely the upside of being married to Chaos. I'm not a fan of the usual romantic things for the most part. I'm more a veggie garden girl than a flower garden girl. I still like the flowers, but if you're going to bother, it should serve a purpose. Flowers look nice, but veggies keep you alive!! So, this may not be your idea of romance, but a little area in our room for me to hide and study in, complete with crazy motivational pics of my children and a dung beetle moving his dungly wares and MORE is definitely my idea of romance. Here's what the wall looks like. It makes me pretty happy :)

(And yes, that is Ahmadinejad in the lower left corner)

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~liz said...

Very sweet!