28 November 2009

A Bit O' Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was pretty nice! We had the sister missionaries over and it was good to get to meet them. They are really lovely ladies and I'm pretty glad they are here! I tried to take pictures of my children, but as usual, they weren't very cooperative! Lee was unusually cooperative though, so I did get a picture of his foxy self.

I also got a picture of this super awesome pumpkin cheesecake with a maple pecan glaze. It was my first try at cheesecake and it was tasty beyond belief. It will be happening every Thanksgiving for the rest of my life!

What is there really ever to say about Thanksgiving? We ate for two days?

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~liz Wessel said...

I've been eagerly awaiting a new post, so thanks. I liked the pictures. Your cheesecake looks festive, and scrumptious, and as you have attested tasted even better. I liked your post about care of the body and the soul! I think there is one additional step you should add. Don't give up! If you fall down don't tell yourself it is hopeless and give up. Tell yourself you are human, setbacks can occur, and every day is a new day to begin anew. Don't be over zealous. Small steps taken every day do get you somewhere. Little successes are very motivating to keep going too. So set small goals that are achievable. I applaud your efforts!