13 January 2010

What Gives, Hollywood?

Why do you keep naming random side characters after my son? Seriously, it's starting to trip me out a bit. You used to occasionally use Cyrus for a Persian guy, but how often are you putting Persian guys in sitcoms? Oh, what? Never? My point exactly. So, just off the top of my head, dearest Hollywood, you have used the name on some desi guy on some lame show (edit: it was The Ex List)that got canceled last season, used it on the Princess Bride dude on Gossip Girl and now on some rich guy's lackey on Caprica!

Is there no other foreign name that suits you, Hollywood? Wasn't it bad enough that my son had to live with people wondering if I liked Achy Breaky Heart *that much*??


Poor little Cyrus. I give him this awesome name that is both Persian and Biblical and it has turned into the sidekick name of the decade and attached to some questionable country folks on the Disney channel. Sadness is mine.

I probably should have just named him Lazarus.

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