10 January 2010

A Whole New Year

Sometimes, forces collude to change the path of life. I think the important thing is to just live in the present and roll with it. So, I’m going to make the best of this opportunity to grow in the unknown. I’ve actually managed to get excited about it! I feel like I came home from Cali to a whole new life. It’s weird!

Anyways, what I *did* come home to is Snow Mountain.

Lee was not gonna take that kinda attitude from the snow!

Of course, we had to dig our way in (luckily not through the mountain)


After 2am shovel job:

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Jessica Bair said...

Sorry...I was totally gonna send Sam over to have it dug out for you but I'm lame and forgot to tell him. We ended up being is SF for the entire Chrismas break minus a day and a half. Glad Lee was able to bust through it all.