17 May 2010

The Dream House

Thinking of my dream home, my thoughts go straight to Dome Awesomeness, of course! I’m pretty much obsessed with domes. (Even the ugly peanut dome in Vermillion)

It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll live in one because having a ton of circular furniture would probably make Lee nauseous.

If I do have a normally shaped house, I must have stairs like these:

With a library like this

or maybe this

I’m torn between a strictly Art Deco styled place

(See this link for a decent description of what Art Deco interiors entail. http://interiordesign.lovetoknow.com/Art_Deco_Style_Interior_Design )

Or a Mexican Folk styled interior

Or an Indian type decor

Or a combination for the first two, or the first and the third.

No pictures exist for such an abomination, of course. I doubt anyone would find it amazing, except for me!

I guess I like the lines of Art Deco and the brighter than life colors of Mexican and Indian textiles and art.

I LOVE whirlpool bathtubs, like this

But it would have to be twice the size. Same goes for this super cool shower. I like it, but make it twice the size!

I really want a pool table. Of course, mine would have to be super spiffy and/or unusual:

I plan on having a dome greenhouse full of orchids

A garden full of flowers

Orchards, especially cherry & apple

Raising peacocks…



Abyssinian cats…

And a fleet of dachshunds for protection (one isn’t scary, but imagine 20!)

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