11 May 2010

Random Stuff

All For You by Sister Hazel makes me want to go twirl in a field somewhere.

I really, really, really want this Medical Record paralegal job in Sioux City. Like, really, really, really want it.

I like the randomness of Pandora internet radio. I just put in one song I like and it plays a bunch of random stuff it thinks I'd like if I like that song.

I really miss hearing The Cranberries all the time. I think I'm finally old since I find myself occasionally missing 1995.

I can get sucked in to family history research for HOURS at a time. HOURS!!!!!

I'm thinking about cataloging all the random itty bitty cemeteries I've been driving by in my random drives around the county and putting it on the internet. Sounds fun, right?? (Probably only to me. I get that a lot.)

I wish Rejeanne didn't hate having her hair brushed. I have delusional ideas about elaborate little girl hairstyles.

Rule #4987: Never believe your husband when he SWEARS there isn't a rogue dirty diaper somewhere in the house causing a horrible stench. Chances are he hasn't looked and you'll find it a week later when it occurs to you that he probably never looked. (It was behind a pile of books. Kid you not.)

My Uncle Megha, who was born and raised in India, has been writing stories about his family and youth in India. They are really interesting. They make me wonder what else he has in his mind that I never got out of him in the last 30 years. I can't wait to see him on the 24th! I haven't seen him in enough years that my husband has never met him. I'm pretty excited about this!

My SD bestie is moving to Wisconsin and I'm trying not to sit around crying about it! My lovely husband is on a campaign to force me to have a social life. This is from a guy with no social life. I think he just doesn't want to see me cry when Jessica leaves!

See. I told you this post was random!

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~liz said...

Ienjoyed reading your post. I love Pandora radio too. Hope you get the job that you are hoping for...