26 May 2010

Recent Happenings

I wish I could find my camera! It's lingering around the house somewhere, but I still haven't quite figured out where. So there will be no photos of my most awesome-est of relatives.


My Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Megha came to visit us. I'm so glad they decided to drive about 20-24 hours worth of North & South Dakota highways just to hang out with us for less hours than they spent driving. That is some serious love right there! I haven't seen my Uncle Megha in probably 10 years. I have missed him so much. I miss my aunt a lot too, but I talk to her on the phone and saw her in 2004 at least! Rejeanne LOVED Megha the most but she interacted with Jeannie too. I can't believe how great she did with them since she had never met them before.

Maybe it's the whole namesake thing since she is named for my Aunt Jeannie. My aunt was named for a woman named Eugene (pronounced YOU-zhuh-nay) who I suppose went by the nickname Jeannie (which is smart if your name is spelled "Eugene" and you're a girl, no matter how pretty it sounds in French). My father also had a sister named Jeanne. So, between the two Jean type names, I decided to give Rejeanne her name, which is distinctly Quebecois and has a Jean in it.

My aunt and uncle went with the "ignore Rejeanne" strategy and it worked for them completely within about 30 minutes! Rejeanne seems to warm up the fastest to a new person if they pretend they don't even know she is in the room. I guess Rejie likes to feel like she's sneaking up on ya!

Rejeanne has been really coming out of her shell lately so hopefully she will treat her Nana and Grandma equally well during her two weeks in California! I was so pleasantly surprised at how taken Rejie was with Megha and Jeannie. It is good to have an Auntie Nana and Tata in your life!

(Edit: Poor Cyrus. I didn't even mention him! He had a great time throwing things at our guests, beating on them, kissing them and talking. Cyrus is Cyrus. We love that little guy!)

I think the only way this visit could have been better was if it was longer, if Crimson was here, and if I could have found my camera! I'm so glad they came and it gave me a reason to bake a quiche. I suppose I don't need a reason to bake a quiche, but it rarely happens otherwise.

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