08 March 2009

Cyrus Likes To Eat

Cyrus LOVES to eat. He loves to eat so much that if anyone else is eating, he'll stare you down until you're done. He's not watching you, he's watching your food! In fact, if you don't shovel the food in for him fast enough, he'll start squealing at a high pitch until the spoon arrives. But wait, there is a problem! While you are trying to reload the spoon, Cyrus is busy trying to eat the only other thing available: his bib! He will not be distracted from this, no matter how much food you waggle in front of him or how much you try to pull the bib away or get his attention. Once Cyrus has his mind set to eat something, he's gonna eat it!

First, he grabs the bib and tries to stretch his tongue over there to reel it in

Then, there is success!

The upside is that his face is much cleaner than it would otherwise be! Of course, the same cannot be said for the bib

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~liz Wessel said...

He is such a cutie!