09 March 2009

What happened here???

Walmart, why have you forsaken me??

I've always been able to find a respectable, not-pink, one piece bathing suit for Crimson at Wal-mart. Not this year! All of the suits are cut with low cut tops to show off the non-existent cleavage of the 5-12 year olds, some even enhanced with sequins on the chest zone. Most of the suits are bikinis (no) or tankinis (normally ok, but not with the tops this year!). Finally, I locate the only one piece style they are offering, but it too has a low cut front AND that old late 80's "holes cut out of the sides so its nearly a bikini" look. What a mess!

I don't get it! Wal-mart is committed to only selling clean versions of music CDs but it is selling only sexualized swimsuits for girls who are barely in sight of beginning their sexual maturation. I really hope Target and Old Navy are still on the one-piece wagon or I'll be making swimsuits this year! For the record, making swimsuits is not particularly easy!


~liz said...

Sad commentary on our world these days, eh?

Claire Wessel said...

I got lucky and was able to find plenty of appropriate swimsuits on Old Navy's website! Hopefully what I got will work for Crimson. She's kind of hard to get a properly fitting bathing suit for!