25 March 2009


Me! (in 1980 :P )

Me in 1994, 8 months pregnant with Kellie

My dad and mom (she's pregnant with me here)

My first cousin Linda (I've never met her!) sent me this pic of my grandmother and aunts (I never met them either) on my dad's side.

Me in the familial Swedish folk outfit. This puppy is in a museum somewhere in Missouri now. It's probably from about 1850-1880 or so.

Esta es mi madre y mi hijo durante Navidad 2008. (I really need to work on my Spanish!)

I kinda look bald in this one.

My mom with my grandaunt and granduncle

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~liz said...

I love these photo's my very favorite is you in in Swedish outfit and the one of your mom with Cy!