18 April 2009

Crimzoni and the Bonkasaurus

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hanging out with Crimson and her friend Bianca! They are so hilarious when they are together. Not only that, but I learn something new about Bianca every time!

We went to the Pavilion in Sioux Falls to check out the science center they have for the kiddies up there. Here's what I learned about Bianca:

1. She can make a near perfect imitation of a semi-truck horn
2. She prefers grilled cheese to pizza.
3. She has to pee as often as I do.
4. She can make a rad dino face:

5. She takes great photos!

6. She's an awesome friend

I so miss that "best friends" comradery from the elementary school days. There just isn't time for all that when you're grown! It's just a different kind of thing once ya grow up I guess.


Jessica Bair said...

Bianca just demonstrated her semi-truck horn. It's pretty darn good. Made me laugh. Thanks for taking her. I know they had a great time. We can't wait to see Crimson again in a couple of months.

~liz said...

Great posts and photo's thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.